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Pamela Chatry is a highly respected Business Advisor and Strategist for Business Growth and Profitability, The Womans Advantage© Forum Chairperson for Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seasoned Business Coach for the International Business Development Program, The Gemini Effect©. She supports Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in reviewing current practices, examining the challenges, creating new.

Most of us wouldn't take an extensive holiday without planning months ahead. Starting or operating a business requires the same level of preparation. Without a proper plan in place, many entrepreneurs find themselves putting out fires all day with very little time to 'stop, look and listen' to what the business is telling them. Pamela is all about planning for strategic organizational growth, sound decisions, increased revenue and profit.

The solutions for these challenges are in the 'Power of the Plan - for Business and for Life!' She helps you create living, realistic and workable action plans in:

  • Entrepreneurial Career and Life Re-invention focussed on ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur’
  • Business Leadership
  • Foundational work in Business Vision and Values
  • Customer Retention Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Plans
  • Human Resource Plans
  • Operational Plans
  • Legal Considerations
  • Social Media Plans
  • Financial Planning

Who are Pamela's clients?

Pamela's clients all have one thing in common...a passionate drive to succeed. They are women and men who are true business professionals and leaders. They can be business owners who see potential for company growth but are unsure how to take the business to the next level. They are working with a lack of planning, resulting in negative outcomes for themselves and the business. Often, they work hard but not effectively and would love to have more balanced time for themselves and their family.

Pamela’s clients may also be planning their eventual retirement from the business.

Pamela’s clients can also be 'young-at-heart' retirees who are thinking that becoming a business owner might be a new and exciting 'Last Chapter' career.

Can you relate to any of these real-life statements?

  1. I would love to start a business, but don't know where to begin.
  2. I am a Key Leader in my company and am struggling with that role.
  3. I have been operating my business for a few years now, but I am not making enough money.
  4. I am working too hard and feel like my business is running me.
  5. I am continuously putting out fires.
  6. I can never find the time to plan.
  7. I have been told I need to either write or re-write my business plan, but I don't know where to start.
  8. I need a marketing plan, but I am not sure how to write one.
  9. I know nothing about social media and don't have time to learn it.
  10. I know I am missing out on potential sales opportunities.
  11. My business is so inefficient.
  12. I can't find great staff. There has to be a better way of hiring.
  13. I need a financial plan.
  14. We haven't reviewed our legal or insurance needs in years.

If you can relate to any of the above statements, here's the good news. With Pamela, you will get the benefits of years of her expertise; a working partner who will support you on your entrepreneurial journey and provide you with objective advice with your life and business decisions. She will guide you through self-employment assessments or current business practices, take you back to business basics, locate other experts who can support the planning, commit you to planning time, identify action steps and hold you accountable.

Hire Pamela for a few hours, a day, a week, months, for as long as you need the help. She will work with you to design custom and realistic solutions, build profits, and manage growth. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Pamela's clients are located all over North America and beyond.

Pamela Chatry, committed to keeping the ‘Spirit of the Entrepreneur Alive’ across the globe and in support of all ‘Shop Local’ initiatives.

Pamela Chatry on Linkedin
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